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Donuts/Torch Lake Farm and Flea Market


Our Famous Cake Batter Donuts 


We fry up and serve our Famous Cake Batter Donuts every Sunday. Eating a Donut at Brownwood Acres is both a Torch Lake Tradition and Right of Passage. We only serve our donuts FRESH - Be prepared to stand in line on busy days and have your cash ready! Donuts are served on the porch of our Country Kitchen with a one way line entering up the steps and exiting down the walkway. Cash only (small bills please)

Flavors: Plain, Cinnamon Sugar Coated, Maple Glaze, Chocolate Glaze

Large Groups: We recommend designating one member of your party to wait for donuts while the rest of your party explore our campus and meander through the Torch Lake Flea Market!

Price: $1 Each. Mix and Match. NO limit. NO deals. 

Coffee $1

Hours: 9 to 11

Bottled Water other beverages available in the cooler toward the back of the Country Store.


The Torch Lake Flea Market

Hosted on Sundays in the field behind the Country Store, the Torch Lake Flea Market is like a neighborhood yard sale but with seasoned vendors. Who knows what you may find!!

Hours: 9:00 to 1:00 (Vendors may arrive early)

Dates: Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend

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